Sunday, 14 November 2010

4. Bix Beiderbecke: Vol.1 Singing The Blues


Bix Beiderbecke's career was all too brief. He was no doubt heavily influenced by Louis Armsrong's recordings in the mid 20's, however his hot jazz sound of the time (along with Frankie Trumbauer) deserves inclusion into the Cannonball Library.

Vol.1 Singing The Blues contains all of the tracks that Bix was well known for. Check out the opening blast on "Trumbology", a track that also beautifully demonstrates the dexterity of the man it was named after. "Singing The Blues" is the standout track for me, an absolute classic. "I'm Coming Virginia" is wonderful, slipping in and out of major and minor chord phrasings effortlessly. Bix's horn simply shimmers on that one - a precursor for what was to be known as "Cool Jazz" thirty years later. "In A Mist" sees the only known recording of Bix on the piano and shows us the potential of what he could have achieved if he been around longer.

More than anything though, the tracks are a great reflection of the times they were made.

1. Trumbology
2. Clarinet Marmalade
3. Singin' The Blues
4. Ostrich Walk
5. Riverboat Shuffle
6. I'm Coming Virginia
7. Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
8. For No Reason At All In C
9. Three Blind Mice
10. Blue River
11. There's A Cradle In Caroline
12. In A Mist
13. Wringin' And Twistin'
14. Humpty Dumpty
15. Krazy Kat
16. Baltimore
17. There Aint No Land Like Dixieland To Me
18. There's A Cradle In Caroline
19. Just An Hour Of Love
20. I'm Wonderin' Who

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